Waltz Cup&Saucer

Have you ever found beautiful tea cups, vase, candles, lamp etc. that you immediately fell in love with, and when you bought them and brought home, you realized that wherever you want to put them – their pattern just didn’t match anything in your flat? 

I did….and since I just moved in the new student dorm room, as soon as my stuff were unpacked, I realized that there is so many beautiful things that I have no idea where to put, and how to combine it with the other stuff. So of course Google is always there – searched for some ideas and found out that someone made this amazing product – mirrored cups!

It was D-Bro, a Japanese design brand, who came to the idea to make unique mirrored cups, from Hasami porcelain, and put all the different patterns on the saucer! So as soon as you put the cup on the saucer – magic happens! Porcelain was covered with palladium, and as i found, it is a metal rarer than platinum and gold! Which approves the price of 86$ for a single cup and saucer set.
What i found amusing is that you can put the cup wherever you want in your apartment and it will just fit into the interior 🙂


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